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Trauma may make us feel like we are So Far from healing and a chance at healthy, happy love. However, in reality, healthy love and healing can be So Close within your reach with a proven plan, resources, and safe support.  Allow So Far So Close to support you on REDISCOVERING YOU!



If you are in danger do not hesitate to call the Domestic Violence Hotline:  800-799-7233

Help our Children Cope with Incarceration of a Loved One. Order our Children's Book TODAY. Our Children Have Voices Too!

Experience Emotional Healing and Rediscover Self-Love with
So Far So Close

Trauma can often leave us feeling as though the path to healing and finding healthy, happy love is distant and unattainable. However, the truth is that healing and genuine, nurturing love can be right at your fingertips, waiting for you to embrace them. At So Far So Close, we offer a well-established plan, abundant resources, and a safe, unwavering support system to guide you on your journey toward self-discovery and emotional recovery.

Let So Far So Close be your steadfast companion as you embark on the remarkable journey of REDISCOVERING YOU!


Hello, my name is Katrina Butler, and I am a justice-impacted writer, certified program manager, and social justice life coach as well as the founder and CEO of So Far, So Close, a 501c3 organization.  So Far So Close aims to provide a safe and comfortable support system for the 189,00 Georgia children that have had a parent in jail or prison. We are unique in using our lived experiences, spiritual practices, and social impact coaching with restorative justice practice to address harm.

So Far So Close, INC. brings thoughtfulness and empathy to women and their families impacted by the trauma caused by family violence and incarceration through developing a successful path toward healing and self-worth. Currently, there are over 110,00 women in prison in Georgia with 55% women of color, 95% of women having no prior prison sentences, and 83% of the women have either experienced family violence or are in prison for family violence. Out of all incarcerated women, there are over 90% that are mothers. 

 Our services and programs are intentional about decarceration of women who have been incarcerated due to family violence as well as how incarceration affects the children.


Our services target healing inwardly while allowing the opportunity to educate themselves through professional certificate courses that promote job readiness and resources for higher education.  So Far So Close services and programs are intentional in aiding to end recidivism and the children repeating the same behaviors that led their parents in becoming incarcerated. The more we support justice-impacted families the less we will have individuals entering the incarceration system thus helping to end mass incarceration.    

So Far So Close is a 501c3 organization that is asking for everyone’s help to aid justice-impacted domestic violence women and their families toward a new start in life while reducing recidivism. With your help, we can offer all our services for free to our victims by donating the following.

  • Financial support (monies will be used towards social impact life coaching and direct services to support everyday living necessities

You can graciously DONATE by calling one of the So Far So Close staff members by filling out the "CONTACT US" form.

Thank you for your valued support and for believing in our motto of “Rebuilding lives when Trauma knocks us down.”


Alternative Sentencing Plan

Recidivism prevention plan

Re-entry Mentoring and case management

Direct Service Resources

Family Violence  Survivors


Reunification Seminars

Life Coaching rebuilding plans

Public Speaking sessions


To put an end to the cycle of trauma and reclaim your power. Trauma frequently erodes our self-worth and fractures our family relationships. By harnessing the transformative power of healthy self-love, we can overcome the destructive forces tearing apart our households.


Domestic Violence and Incarceration Survivors

Collaborating organizations in need of trauma-informed care for their members

Board Members


Katrina Founder and CEO
Quame Jenkins
Twana Ford

Founder/ CEO
Katrina Butler

Executive Director
Jennifer DeMott

President & Treasurer
Quaimerah Jenkins

Quatwana McCutchen

Jenny Demott
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